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Jersey City, NJ 07302
ph: 877-940-3835
fax: 201-604-6765

As a Harborside Energy customer, you will have 3
programs to choose from for your energy supply.  All
programs have no sign up fees and no extra charges.

Variable Rate Program

This program is most familiar to consumers since it is
the only plan the utility companies offer.  The price
you pay per unit will change monthly based on the
market value of the product.  Typically the cost per
unit is higher in the months that consumption is the
highest.  There are no cancellation fees with this
service.  For information on the current months
variable price, please
contact us and speak to one of
our customer service agents

Fixed Rate Program

This program gives you the option to lock in a set
price for a one year period.  When choosing the Fixed
Rate Program, you are guaranteed to pay that price
Rate Program, you are guaranteed to pay that price
per unit for a period of one year.  At the end of the
one year term, you will again have the choice of
whether you want to renew the fixed rate program or
change to a variable rate.

Variable-Renewable Energy

We also give you the option of using 100% Certified
Renewable Energy which is produced domestically
and will support a local wind farm, biomass facility,
geothermal project or hydroelectric project.  For every
Kilowatt of energy you consume, we will purchase one
REC equivalent of Renewable Energy which will be
supplied to the power grid in the following month.
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Benefits Of Using
Renewable Energy
  • Helps reduce
    dependency on fossil

  • Promotes cleaner air
    by reducing pollution

  • Helps fight global
  climate change

  • Increases the
    demand for
    renewable energy

  • Support the
    generation of clean