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Jersey City, NJ 07302
ph: 877-940-3835
fax 201-604-6765

Most of your questions can be answered by reading these FAQ but if you have
any other questions, please 
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Why Choose Harborside Energy?

Sometimes dealing with large companies and utilities can be very time consuming
and frustrating! When calling Harborside Energy, you will always speak with a
knowledgeable customer service agent without dealing with the long hold times
and push button menus.  Most importantly, you will earn reward points every time
you turn on your lights or heat, which can be redeemed towards a wide range of
gifts such as electronics, trips, event tickets, home goods, and gift certificates.  
Please see our
Rewards page for more details.  

Are there any risks in choosing Harborside Energy?

No!  Your utility company is still responsible for delivering gas and electricity to
you, reading your meters, maintaining your network and is available 24 hours a
day to respond to emergencies.  The safety and reliability you depend on does
not change by choosing Harborside Energy.

What plans are available?

We offer three options to our customers.  You can choose a variable rate program
where the price will change each month based on the market value.  We also offer
a fixed rate program where you can lock in a price for one year.  And for our eco-
friendly customers, we offer a renewable energy program.  For more detailed
information on each program, visit the 
services section of our website or call us.  

Where will my bill come from?

the utility's charges for the delivery of the electricity and/or gas as well as our You
will still receive a monthly bill sent to you by the utility company.  It will contain
charges for the supply.  You will remit one payment to the utility as you normally
do and the utility will pay us.

How long will it take to start with Harborside Energy?

Once we submit your request to the utility, it can take 1-2 billing cycles before
Harborside Energy appears on your bill.  You will not notice an interruption of
service while the switch is taking place.  You will still be using the lines owned and
maintained by your utility so no work is required at your home.

Will my service be interrupted if I switch my supplier?

Absolutely not, there will no disruption of service.

Who do I call if I have a problem with my gas or
electricity service?

Since the meters and power lines are still owned by the utility company, they are
responsible for reading your meters and responding to any service problems
regardless of who you choose as a supplier.